Friday, 14 September 2012

The Re-Packaging of a B-Movie staple

First things first, at least The Hunger Games is an "original" story, well based on the novel of the same name and not another re-make, re-imagining or re-boot.  However look more closely and the current malaise affecting hollywood becomes more apparent.

Let's face it there are no original stories even the Greeks new this 1,000's of years ago with the fabled 7 stories theory but the lack of originality in Hollywood is becoming alarming.  The Hunger Games, Dir, Gary Gray is an unsettling example of this.  Marketed as as alook into a dystopian future, is there any other kind in movie-land, where children are forced into a fight to the death game for the entertainment of the spoiled masses of the future capitol.  This game of death has been a staple for b-movie enjoyment on countless occasions.

If The Hunger Games plot doesn't ring any bells for then you've definitley not watched enough trashy movies the list is quite long including Death Race 2000, Blood Camp Thatcher (Turkey Shoot), The Most Dangerous Game, Hard Target, Gamer I could go on.  Though perhaps the movie The Hunger Games owes the biggest debt to is Battle Royale.

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  1. Hmmmms. I'm thinking I should check out Hunger Games given the pedigree of 'lesser' movies revolving around death games it, er, pays homage to. Dystopian futures FTW! ;)